The cover has been released for the second book in The Stormlight Archive epic series by Brandon Sanderson.

And here it is….

Isn’t it beautiful?

Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors in the genre. I love the worlds he builds and the characters he creates. His stories have a depth and realistic quality that isn’t found in every fantasy novel. 

He has written many books, spanning several genres. He is well known for finishing the mammoth Wheel of Time series after Robert Jordan’s death. I haven’t finished the series yet, I’m still on book two, but I’m getting there. He’s also written the Mistborn trilogy, The Rithmatist, a few novellas, Warbreaker and Elantris. These are just the one I’ve read. 

The Stormlight Archive series is projected to be ten books. Each book centers around one or two characters, with a host of other viewpoints. Words of Radiance is said to be centered around Shallan and Kaladin.

The Way of Kings (the first book in the Stormlight Archive) was epic. I loved it. The cover was stunning (if not a little similar) and I loved each page. Once again, Sanderson introduced us to a new set of characters, time, and setting that we fell in love with.

In my opinion, this cover looks a little old-fashioned. Most covers nowadays are darker, with hooded figures and gleaming swords. Not that there are anything wrong with these, they are beautiful, but common. 

Did I mention that this is a wrap around cover? The back has another person on it!

Cool, huh?

I love the clouds. If you’ve read the first book, then you know how much of a role the clouds and storms play.

It seems a little cliche to me. Ominous bad guy and mysterious good guy. Again, if you’ve read the books, than you can guess who the men are. 

Sadly, with all good news comes bad. The publication date has been moved. If you’ve been following Brandon Sanderson, you know that he is a bit of a perfectionist and he wants this book to be as close to perfect as possible. So he has moved the publication date a few times to allow extra time for revisions.

The new release date is March 4, 2014. 

The book is advertised as being 600 pages, which is significantly less than the first book. I don’t know what t think about this. I just hope it doesn’t feel rushed.  

Regardless of the delays, I am super, SUPER excited for this book. I love him and this is my favorite series by him to date. 

I’m also eagerly awaiting his newest young adult book, Steelheart, out September 24.  If you haven’t already heard, this one is set in a post-apocalyptic world where superhumans rule. They dominate each other and the rest of the human race suffers. The main character is a young boy who believes himself to be the only one who knows the most powerful “Epic’s” weakness. He hopes to join the rebels and fight back against the evil that killed his father. Sounds awesome, right?

He posted on his blog,, his schedule of books, mostly sequels, he hopes to work on (Beware, this may change):

1. Rithmatist Book 2

2. Shadows of Self- Wax and Wayne Book 2

3. Stormlight Archive Book 3 (Woohoo!)

4.  Calamity- Steelheart Book 3 (He’s already working on Book 2)

5. Elantris sequel (He’s been talking about this one for a long time.)

That’s a lot of books. I can’t wait. He has more up his sleeve, but you’ll have to go to his blog to find out what!

I’m so excited for all of his books!