Book reviews and assorted musings of a book lover

You have found the infamous “About Page. This is where all the mystery and magic that surrounds blogs is stripped away. This is where you can catch a glimpse into the inner workings of the blog’s mastermind.

Sorry. Not today, dear readers, not today.

My Review Policy

If you are so inclined to send me something, please keep in mind:

  • I will accept print galleys, books, and ARCs as well as E-books. (I prefer print copies)
  • My e-reader is a Kindle Fire, so please make it compatible with my device.
  • I will not read any erotica novels and I am not a big fan of romance (paranormal or not (there are exceptions).
  • I am a huge fan of fantasy. I also read Young Adult dystopian novels, and thrillers and sometimes Science Fiction.
  • I read and review books based on my interest in said books. I cannot guarantee a review for all and every book I receive.
  • You can reach me at my email, .I will try my best to answer all questions.
  • My reviews are my honest opinion. My opinion. What I genuinely think of a book. No sugar coating.

Thank you for your interest!

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